A Great Dessert I Discovered



I came across these blintzes (like little crepes) while I was taking a fresh look at the frozen food section at Sendik’s.  At 90 calories each for the blueberry ones, these are a great way to satisfy a sweet tooth without all the calories of many other possibilities out there.  They are also low in added sugars at only 7g per blintze, not bad for a dessert!*   The fat content is very low (1g total fat), and there are no trans fats or saturated fats at all.  They are low sodium as well (150mg per blintze).  So what do they contain?  Just natural ingredients, including a nice filling of blueberries with all of the nutrients they offer.  Not bad for a 90 calorie dessert.  I really enjoy them with a scoop of lowfat vanilla ice cream, melting slightly as it rolls off the warm blitzes fresh from the oven. . . mmmmm!!  

*See the article entitled “Is High Fructose Corn Syrup Really the Devil?” filed under the “What’s News” category for recommendations on added sugar intake.


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