“Tall Coffee, Please”

I am sitting at a Starbucks in New York City.  I am here for a quick trip to see my daughter, and I’m waking up after a late night (for me – midnight).  I waited in line (much longer than in Milwaukee), ordered a “tall coffee.”  Nothing complicated.  I guess that was the point – it wasn’t complicated.  The young woman behind the counter just looked at me . . . and looked at me . . . and looked at me.  Then it hit me.  I said, “I guess you don’t get many orders like that, do you?”  I laughed.  She laughed and said, “Yeah, I was just waiting for you to finish your order!”

As I waited for my coffee, I listened to the orders being taken, although I already knew I was different:  “grande vanilla latte, extra whip, 2 pumps . . . . ” You may want to check out their website (www.starbucks.com) to find out what’s in YOUR drink.  It may surprise you.  But, it is always a choice, so look at the information and make a reasonable decision FOR YOU.


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