Hummus With Everything – Except Ice Cream

I love hummus.  It is probably the most versatile food around – great on sandwiches (of course), but also on vegetables, in meat loaf, with cheese, on a hard-boiled egg, . . . .  My favorite way to have it now is on a rice cake (Quaker Butter Popcorn) with cucumber slices on top of the hummus.  This has replaced my previous version with tomato slices, temporarily, until good tomatoes are available.  I know, I know. . . “OOOH Wow!  Now that’s excitement.”  I am getting reactions like that from family members for my enthusiasm over my new “treat.”  But, seriously, it is delicious.  And healthy.  And, the funny thing is that several family members have tasted it, and now I can barely eat any of my own “hummus cakes” before someone else takes them.  My future son-in-law Rich is becoming even more enthusiastic than I am.  He thinks that we should start a street cart business with “hummus cakes” and various assorted toppings, such as cucumbers, tomatoes, bell peppers, etc.  What do you think?  Hummus on Wheels?  Hummus With Your Chum-us?  Here Cometh the Hummus?  Just a thought.

P.S.  Try this one too!  I had some leftover roasted vegetables today, so I used them on my “hummus cakes.”  Very tasty.


2 responses to “Hummus With Everything – Except Ice Cream

  1. Hello there! I’m a long time lurker (not really, I’ve left a couple comments about some recipes you’ve posted that I’ve tried).

    I have a question about this hummus you love – do you make it your self and if so – do you have a recipe? or what brand do you buy?


    • kimthedietitian

      I have made hummus in the past, but I haven’t done that in a long while. I really like Cedar’s brand. It’s very good (super creamy), and 2 Tbsp. is just 60 calories. If someone has a good recipe, please let us know, because I would be willing to try. I know it is easy to make.

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