Forget About the Magic Bullet for Now

Studies surrounding anti-obesity drugs at the University of Liverpool have led scientists to conclude that drugs now available are not likely to be helpful in the long run.  The reason seems like an obvious one.  Since anti-obesity drugs are aimed at the end result (weight loss) without regard for the psychological side of eating, they miss a large part of the issue for many overweight people who have complex issues with eating.

For someone who has trouble controlling their food intake, the reasons are seldom simple.  Tempting high-calorie food is everywhere, and reasons for overeating often have links to mood and coping with life’s challenges.  It seems obvious to me that for most seriously overweight people, a pill aimed at their biological makeup is not going to be effective at causing real attitude and behavior changes.  So . . . is it really surprising that any weight lost in this way would probably not last?  Not to me.

The value of this information is that it reminds us that there really is no magic bullet.  At least not yet.  So for anyone who is contemplating weight loss, AND WEIGHT MAINTENANCE, the way there involves some thoughtful consideration of lifestyle changes that focus on the process, not the end goal.  Doesn’t that just make sense?


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