“Mommy, What’s THAT Thing For?”

I was in the locker room recently, and this comment from a little girl struck me as interesting, refreshing actually.  How many women are all too familiar with this contraption we call a scale.  Can we even remember a time when we didn’t know what it was?

What do YOU think a scale is for?  Some people will answer this question by saying, “Well, of course it will tell you what you weight.  Duh!”  Others will say (if they are speaking from their gut), “Honestly, it is the controller of my eating, my mood, my LIFE!  It is the visual judgment of my worthiness or lack thereof.  It is the measure of my willpower, my strength, even my relative goodness.”  Actually, if someone with this attitude were conscious of these feelings, and the result of them, it would be possible to develop more positive thoughts on the subject.

So, what is a scale anyway – really?  It is a piece of metal and plastic with numbers on it.  It can tell you how much something or someone weighs (how much gravitational pull it has).  Period!  We are the ones who have the ability to give it more meaning and power than that.  Do you really want to give that kind of power away so easily?  A scale can be a helpful tool, if used for what it is – a general indicator of how much a body weighs at any given time.  If it doesn’t help, don’t use it.


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