Should Fruit Be Eaten on an Empty Stomach?

I was chatting with a group of women during one of my Q & A sessions recently, and a couple of their questions reminded me of how easily nutrition rumors spread in our high-tech internet society.  Often rumors get revived every so often, and this is one of those.  The claim goes something like this:  Eat fruit with other food and it will rot and ferment in your stomach, causing poor digestion, gas, poor nutrient absorption, and (oh my God!) even baldness!

FALSE.  There is absolutely no basis in fact to these claims.  Fruit is healthy, with or without other food.  Having said that, if you find that you do better when you eat fruit alone (or with other food, for that matter), then, for goodness sake – do it that way.  All bodies operate slightly differently, but there is no need to change anything if you have no problems.  Fermentation is simply not happening in your stomach’s acidic environment.

By the way, another rumor that was mentioned at my Q & A was that ice water can cause cancer.  What next?!

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