Fish Tacos – OLE!

I think I will make some fish tacos tonight.  I have been perfecting the “recipe” after having some darn good ones in Tucson recently.  When I make them, they are examples of a few good tactics for lightening up and “healthy-ing” up any recipe.

I start with corn tortillas, or sometimes I use the whole wheat ones, but I am a sucker for corn tortillas.  Either way they have whole grains for a little extra fiber and, I think, flavor.  Note to self (but maybe not a note to you!):  Do not buy the chipotle flavored ones.  I am a lightweight when it comes to spicy foods.

To cook the fish without breading and extra fat, I either grill it or bake it.  Sometimes I brown it in a pan with very little butter or olive oil.  The fish gets topped with a relish I make (no real cooking ability needed!):  just some canned black beans, chopped red bell pepper and thawed frozen corn mixed with a generous squeeze of lime juice.  I toss a little shredded cabbage on top of that.

Another trick I use involves the sauce.  Plain fat-free yogurt is a great thinner for high-fat dressings.  In this case, I thin a little bottled Remoulade sauce with the yogurt and drizzle a bit on top (adds a gourmet touch!).

A little rice and beans on the side and dinner is ready – give it a try!


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