What Next?

While listening to my car radio, I heard a new ad that caught my attention.  Did you know that you can now make your own soda at home – really – with the new Soda Stream machine.  Any flavor you want.  Any time you want.

Some may say “Yea!!”, but I say “Hey!  This is just a way to make sugar easier to ingest.  We know that most of the added sugar we consume in the U.S. is as sugar added to soda.  We also know that accessibility of food makes it easier to consume, and variety invites us to consume more calories.

So, how great is this new convenience device?!  We have just made a very enticing product (soda) more enticing by offering it at the consumer’s fingertips at any time and in virtually any flavor.

I have several trendy appliances that I have used for a while and they now sit in the back of a cupboard somewhere:  the breadmaker, the ice cream maker, . . . .   Let’s hope that the Soda Stream loses its luster for consumers too.


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