Are You Really Getting a Bargain?

This morning I helped a client tear up a coupon for a FREE Whopper (!!) at Burger King.  When we were finished, he said, “That was fun!”  Still it took some talking and thinking before it was his choice.

What is it about free stuff that makes us feel like we just won something, regardless of whether or not we really want it?  This is just another example of a situation with no real choice.  The end result may not be what you truly want.  There is something getting in the way of a real choice – the thrill of a bargain.  For some people it is not wanting to waste food.  The same thing rules your decision:  getting the most for your money.

If you don’t really want it, but eat it anyway, who really wins?  You have just tricked yourself into doing something you didn’t want to do.  You gave away your choice.  The feeling of accomplishment is short-lived, and you are moving farther away from your real goal of a healthier body.

If you have been reading my blog for a while, you know that I am all about empowering people to make their own choices as it relates to food.  I am not saying that you should never use a coupon for free food, even if it is not healthy.  I am not saying that you should never finish a larger than necessary portion of restaurant food either.  I am just saying that the choices are always yours.

You will make better choices in the long run if you are not letting other factors interfere with the best choice possible at the time.  You may not always get the most for your money, but is that really your goal?  In case you are still thinking that starving children around the globe will somehow be offended if you toss out food, here is a news alert:  The food will probably spoil by the time your leftovers reach them. I’m glad we cleared that up!


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