Summer Market in Seattle

Goose Eggs - Those are some large eggs!

Quail Eggs at Pike's Place Market in Seattle

I finally got around to posting these pictures from a recent trip to Seattle.  It is remarkable how many unusual grocery items are available.  It’s a great time of year to cruise through the outdoor markets.  There is such attention to creative and artistic display of colorful produce.  I’ve never tried a goose egg, or a quail egg, but both were available at Pike’s Place Market on Puget Sound.

If you have ever tried quail or goose eggs, I would love to hear what they taste like!

2 responses to “Summer Market in Seattle

  1. Hello!
    I’m an aspiring nutritionist and I happened to stumble on your blog while searching up farm raised vs. wild salmon.

    I continued browsing and saw your inquiry to what a quail egg must taste like. It actually tastes just like a hen egg with a very slight different taste that is hard to distinguish.

    You should try it sometime!

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