I could say TGIF.  It is Friday after all.  But instead, today I feel more like TG INC – Thank God I’m NOT a Celebrity!  I am always grateful for my privacy, something celebrities never seem to get, judging from the pictures on the covers of the tabloid magazines I see as I check out at the grocery store.  Many people know more about Brad and Angelina’s life than what is happening in the political arena.  A recent poll from Pew Research Center reports that 18% of Americans believe Obama is a Muslim.

I know that the publicity goes with the territory.  Being famous usually comes with a pack of paparazzi, and little in life is private anymore.  I am sure that many celebrities accept – and some clearly enjoy – the limelight.  Still, standing in line at the checkout at Pick ‘n Save, I am reminded of how far the invasion sometimes goes.  As someone who is aware of how obsessed our culture is with body perfection, particularly for women, I am always especially irritated by the cover stories about Hollywood’s best and worst bodies.

Magnified pictures that zero in on every imperfection (cellulite, a little jiggle, sagging body parts) are public displays that feed the private fears and insecurities of women.  I don’t know of anyone without a little cellulite, jiggle, or unwanted fat – even women who appear “perfect” in clothes.  The message to ordinary women is, “There is something wrong with you.  You should be embarrassed to show your body the way it is now.  You need to change it.”

The truth is:  1) gravity pulls everything downward, 2) people get old, 3) healthy bodies come in all sizes and shapes, 4) healthy people may have cellulite, and 5) there is such a thing as too little fat.

We see plenty of celebrities with scary skinny bodies.  This is not healthy.  TG INC!! – I may be a woman in our culture, but I do not have to worry about someone shoving a camera at me while I’m in my swimsuit.


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