Double the Size and Double the Calories

You can see that apples come in lots of different sizes!  The biggest one in the picture is more than twice the size of the smallest one.  The tennis ball is there to give you actual size perspective.

The calorie difference between the smallest and largest is probably no more than about 100 calories.  What if you doubled the size of a piece of cheesecake or a bowl of premium ice cream instead?  Now that’s a real difference!  It could easily be a difference of 600-700 calories.  On the other extreme, the difference between a single and a double portion of vegetables would seldom amount to more than 25-50 calories.

So what’s the message?  Portion size matters, but it matters much more when you are eating a high calorie, low nutrient food than when you choose a high fiber, low calorie one.  Use this to your advantage and gauge your servings based on what it is.  You can have it all if you “super-size” only the good stuff.


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