Better Looking Skin From the Inside Out

As a nutrition professional, I am more aware than most people that food affects personal health and appearance.  As a middle-aged woman, I have become more interested in learning about how food affects the health and appearance of skin.

As I mentioned in my recent post (Magnification:  Not for the Faint of Heart), I  am learning to accept skin changes that are a natural part of aging.  I try not to spend a lot of time worrying about it, but I am certainly not against slowing down the process either.

Sun is probably the most damaging factor.  In a previous post (Protect Against Skin Cancer – With the Food You Eat!), I talked about how fruits and vegetables can reduce oxidative damage and set the skin up to tolerate the sun a little better.

Now I am reading more about how sugar can damage the skin as well.  Sugar and processed carbohydrates that abruptly raise blood sugar levels cause skin to wrinkle and become more brittle.  The process, called glycation, happens when glucose in the blood binds to collagen, a protein that provides much of the structure of skin.

I consider myself a sensible, moderate eater.  I include everything I like in my diet, but I try to keep the portions of healthier foods bigger than those of my “pleasure foods”.  I like ice cream – a lot!  I also find that ice cream goes very nicely with homemade baked treats.  I like to bake, and we usually have a high-quality dessert available.

I am curious to see what happens if I eliminate my desserts for a couple of weeks.  I will let you know.  Don’t expect me to try that before Thanksgiving though.  My absolute favorite pie is pumpkin – and it is never complete without a scoop of vanilla ice cream on the side!


4 responses to “Better Looking Skin From the Inside Out

  1. I am a graduate of Florida University. My degree is in health science. Even though I graduated with honors, I was still required to do a year of pro bono internship at a hospital. This I did at Southeastern Medial Center in Atlanta GA. Prior to receiving my national registration and my state license, It was required that I also take a test in addition to the internship. All of this I did. My first employment was at Florida Hospital in the Orlando Florida area. I now work for Jackson Memorial in Miami. I am in line for a promotion. My new function, if promoted, will be to educate the local doctors about the importance of nutrition and diet.
    I see a lot of baloney on the internet about diets and nutrition. The only way a person will ever get the right information about the subject is either from a nationally registered and state licensed nutritionist-dietitian, or a doctor that has been educated in the science of nutrition. Or they can do what I did, but that is long arduous and expensive road to travel.


    • Yes, I agree. And once the initial education is complete, it is so important to keep up to date with continuing education, because nutrition knowledge is constantly evolving.

  2. Over the summer I ended up with some gall-bladder type issues and ended up cutting out a lot of different things from my diet. The main thing being sugar (not naturally occurring sugar) and fake sugar and I also switched from dairy milk to soy and/or almond milk. The lack of fake sugar meant I was drinking more water (no soda at all, except this Fall I had some 7up to help with a stomach bug).

    Overall, I noticed my skin was a lot smoother after a couple weeks. And I even got a few compliments at work about how I seemed to be looking younger.

    Over the holidays, I had a lot of things with sugar and dairy in them – but it was just for those days and I could tell that both my digestion and my skin suffered from the excess – but as you have said, it’s just for those days, once I went back to my normal routine things settled down 🙂

  3. kimthedietitian

    Thanks for your comment! I don’t eat a lot of sugar, but I do love sweets and have a small dessert almost every day. Although I think my skin looks pretty good, your story is motivational enough for me to try going without my “treat” for a little while to see if it makes a noticeable difference.

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