My Thanksgiving “Plan”

What’s your Thanksgiving Day eating plan?  The plan may be as simple as “I will eat as much as I want and return to my usual plan the next day.”  That is so much better than planning to follow a rigid ultra-healthy eating plan, giving in to temptation, and then feeling guilty.

What happens the NEXT day is more important than what happens on Thanksgiving.  Do you continue with your usual way of eating?   Or . . .  do you feel disappointed and sink into a slump: “I blew it.  It doesn’t matter what I do now.”

Planning for special occasions can become second nature with practice.   I do not stop to set a plan before Thanksgiving (or any other “exception”).  I have worked those general guidelines out over the years and I just know what my plan is.  It just plays out, because it is a habit.

I did, however, write down my Thanksgiving plan recently as I worked with my weight loss group on developing one of their own.  When I was forced to put it into words, here is what I came up with:  I will eat what I want.  I will eat slowly and stop when I feel good.  I will have pumpkin pie and ice cream.

That’s it.  That’s all.  Even people watching their calories may do better by setting a more forgiving, less stressful goal for the day.  We all like to succeed, so give yourself a fighting chance.  Happy Thanksgiving!  I am grateful to have the opportunity to work with so many fantastic people trying to make healthy changes.


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