My Top 10 (for Winter in Wisconsin)

I notice that cold weather seems to make it harder for lots of us to eat light.  People who were losing weight during the summer and fall begin to struggle, and many speak of their “winter weight” and “winter wardrobe”.  I often wonder if being cold is a trigger for eating – I’m almost sure that it is.  There must be an innate drive to eat that is activated by dropping temps and dates back to caveman days.  It feels biological to me, and I notice that warming up helps.  Here are my favorite ways to make it through the winter reasonably warm and without new larger clothes.

Cold weather happiness is:

1.  a warm bathtub

2.  a hot cup of tea

3.  sitting by a warm fire

4.  a heated neck wrap (one of those rice-filled muscle relaxer tubes to drape over shoulders)

5.  snuggling a warm dog

6.  snuggling a warm person

7.  a warm cup of soup

8.  an oversized warm sweatshirt

9.  standing near a heat vent

10.  a sweaty workout

Last, but not least, if all else fails – head directly to a warm weather destination and lie in hot sand.


2 responses to “My Top 10 (for Winter in Wisconsin)

  1. Yes, it definately is. The comfort food factor!

    I’m attending a cookie baking party this Saturday and I’m going to try to change an old recipe to a healthier version. The challenge is to make my husband’s favorite that his mom makes. Its a graham cracker cookie with chocolate chips and brown sugar. It calls for 2 sticks butter. His sister-in-law said she tried yogurt instead and they turned out. But the real success will be if I have my husband try it without telling him and he doesn’t notice a difference.

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