Need a Vacation?!

“I really need a vacation!”  This is a thought that comes to mind – my mind, anyway! – when my “to do” list just grows longer and my schedule is jam packed.

Sunset in Key West

A feeling of overwhelm can begin to take hold.  But wait . . . I have been here before!  I remind myself that the feeling is much bigger than the reality – this usually is true.

My point?  I am getting there!  A break is a state of mind.  We all need a vacation from stress, and although it may seem like a month of time off is needed, I find that far less time does the trick.  Even a half day can do it.  This is good news for most of us, because a half day can be difficult enough to find, even on the weekends.

I have another point too, one that directly relates to being overwhelmed by the role that eating plays in life.  This time of year, many people approach weight loss like a full-time job – one they hate!  If this is you, prepare yourself for lots of overwhelming feelings . . . and lots of self-induced “vacations”, probably of long duration.

A more successful weight loss strategy would incorporate changes at the rate you are ready to make them.  Bring the stress level down a notch by keeping expectations reasonable and sustainable.  Consciously planning to take “mini vacations” from the plan can help to avoid the feeling that you need to check out and have a monster vacation from the changes you are trying to make.

You may even want to schedule a little relaxation from the plan on a weekly basis.  Many people find that they adhere to healthy changes better when they know they have a meal (or a day) during the week when expectations are a little more relaxed.  Others find that a reasonable plan can work without planned “vacations” from it.  Either way, I find that the best plans predict shaky times and provide the wiggle room to stay within reasonable limits most of the time.


One response to “Need a Vacation?!

  1. Oh my God yes. I’m trying to get my husband to pick a destination for his 40 birthday. He’s a Dive Master so it will definately be somewhere warm with plenty of exercise.

    Warm destinations give me motivation to eat more fruit too. Once I know I can get it fresh, its like candy. It doesn’t taste like that out here. Especially pinneaple and guava.

    My husband and I are definately at the point where we need different scenerly for a while.

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