A Gray Look at Black and White Thinking

Do you live to eat or eat to live?  This is a question that is often used as a way of defining how people fit eating into their lives.  The assumption is usually that eating to live is the right way to think about it.  This is the “good” way, the white side of black-and-white thinking.

I challenge this way of thinking.  Gray it up a bit, people!  The dieting industry is big on black and white, good and bad, sinful and pure.  How’s that working?  Not so well, judging from the pathetic statistics on maintained weight loss.

Let’s begin to look at any rules we make for our eating as guidelines only.  The word “rule” may even need a new name to work for you.  The word “rule” begs the question, “Who is the ruler?”  I hope it is you.

Eating is a part of life that is interconnected with the rest of life.  To create balance, it should add pleasure, but not be the sole source of pleasure.  It is not ideal for a person to eat only to stay alive OR live only to experience pleasure from food.  Here’s a new quote for you.  I like it better:

“Live to feel alive.  Fill up on a balanced diet of all that a good life offers.”


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