A Clear Path to the Grill!

There are lots of health reasons for using a grill, but here in Wisconsin, access to the grill can be tricky in the winter.  With the rain and snowmelt this week, it is nice to be able to see the grass again.

It is especially exciting when there is a clear path to the grill and it is not treacherous or miserable getting to it.  So . . . tenderloin steaks are on the menu tonight!!

Remember not to char your meat.  While some of you may enjoy that crunchy black stuff when your meat is singed, it is a sign that cancer-causing chemicals have been formed.


4 responses to “A Clear Path to the Grill!

  1. Kevin and I are looking for a new grill this year. We’re redoing our patio. Summer can’t get here soon enough. Have you used mesquite chips in your grill?

    • kimthedietitian

      I have never tried mesquite chips. I’m sure they add a nice flavor. We have a gas grill – not sure if that works with a gas grill or not. Do you know?

  2. Yes, Home Depot sells chips that should work with a gas grill. The chips need to be soaked in water before you use them. Here’s a great web page that explains how to do it. It even has a chart on what flavors to expect with different woods.

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