If It Sounds Too Easy . . .

Easy? Proceed with Caution!!

If it sounds too easy, it’s probably not as good as it sounds.  This is particularly true for weight loss.  A recent study of liposuction patients gives us one more reason to be wary of the quick fix.

As reported in the New York Times, a study recently published in the latest issue of Obesity found that fat suctioned from the thighs and lower abdomens of non-obese women returned after about a year.  Instead of coming back to its original place on the thighs, however, the fat was distributed in the upper body – mostly in the upper abdomen, but also on arms and shoulders.

Researchers speculate that liposuction disturbs the natural surroundings of the fat cells that are removed, making it more difficult for fat to settle back in that place, in this case the thighs.  It is thought that as the body defends its fat stores, new fat simply finds a new home in the upper body.

Not a perfect solution – especially since fat in the abdominal area is considered more dangerous to heart health.  I found it especially interesting that the women in the study who had liposuction were mostly happy with the results, and more than half of those who did not have the procedure (the control group) chose to go ahead with it after learning the results.  The women must have really hated their lower bodies!


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