Great Idea!

On a recent trip to NYC, I found this “anti-to do list” in my hotel room.  I just love it.  I admit that “to do” lists can be quite helpful, and I often use them as a tool to keep from worrying that I will forget something.  But, on the other hand, I think it is also very important to acknowledge all that we do accomplish.  Otherwise, life just begins to feel like we are never getting anywhere.

Isn’t that so true of working on improved health or weight loss?  I know many people who are eager to make a list of all the changes they need to make:  eat better at social gatherings, cut down on alcohol, add more vegetables, take snacks to work . . . .  The list is endless, because the fact is that all of us have many things we could improve upon in this area.

Please don’t forget to stop and pat yourself on the back for the progress you make, because otherwise is can seem overwhelming and frustrating.  If you have trouble giving yourself credit, think about how patting yourself on the back improves flexibility. 🙂   Who knows?  You may even begin to like the way it feels. And if you forget to acknowledge your accomplishments, you could always put it on your “To Do” list!


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