Food for the Fun of It

I found myself in back of a truck over the weekend, waiting to pull out of a parking lot, when I noticed the catchy phrase on the side of the truck:  “Food for the Fun of It”.  It was a Frito-Lay truck.  What could be more fun than potato chips?

Of course potato chips are one of those foods that people eat when they want pleasure.  Few people would try to make the point that potato chips are a great source of nutrition – that’s not why they sell so well.  While I occasionally hear feeble attempts at marketing the health benefits of chips, I found this slogan refreshingly honest.  Call it what it is – a “fun food”.  It’s the kind of fun that reminds me of the ice cream trucks that announce their arrival in the neighborhood with their unmistakable little tune – how “fun”!

While I think food should be enjoyed, and it’s fine to eat simply for pleasure once in a while, there is a limit to how much fun we can get from our food and still be reasonably healthy.  In this case, I would argue that there is such a thing as too much fun.  So, in a way I applaud Frito-Lay for lay-ing it all out there – pardon the pun.  They let us know that our health is really not their biggest concern.  They want to make money, and they have discovered, along with so many other food manufacturers, that people are looking for fun wherever they can find it.  Getting just the right recipe for an irresistible treat is the formula for profit.  Will the fun never end?!

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