Updated Dirty Dozen List

The latest list of most contaminated fruits and vegetables was released recently.  What’s at the top of the list?  The produce with the most pesticide contamination  (drumroll, please) . . . apples.   I eat them occasionally, but my husband eats them regularly, so we will probably be more careful about choosing organic in this case.

I still maintain that for most people, simply eating fruits and vegetables is more important than whether or not they are organic.  (In the case of pregnant women and young children, the difference is more important.)  Even with apples, the amount of pesticides found was well below the level considered safe.

I did find a very helpful  Shopping Guide that lists the most current dirty dozen fruits and vegetables, along with a list of the “clean 15” .  Use it as a guide if you are concerned.  If the extra expense of buying organic is prohibitive, try to vary your choices.  Choose some from the clean list every day if possible.

The main takeaway message:  Don’t stop or cut down on produce intake for fear of pesticides.  For healthy adults, the benefit of fruits and vegetables is still greater than the pesticide risk they pose.


One response to “Updated Dirty Dozen List

  1. Thanks for the list Kim. I eat the top 3 all the time.

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