Chill Out – Be Healthier!

While in Boulder Junction (Northern Wisconsin) 2 weeks ago, I practiced one of my top stress management techniques:  floating in a kayak in the middle of the lake first thing in the morning.  I embellished the experience last year by adding a cup of coffee, delicately balanced as I paddled out.

I wish I could do that every time I need a stress reliever, but I have to rely on simpler methods most days.  My favorite quick ones?  Breathing deeply, yoga stretches, and walking fast.  What are yours?  If you haven’t thought about it before, it helps to plan ahead.

Stress is bound to hit, and without some options, all that is left is your easiest relief of choice.  For many people, food is just the thing – quick, cheap, and easily accessible.  This is a good time to start trying some alternatives that are not so calorically expensive!  When the weather gets a little colder, I will be pulling out my knitting.


4 responses to “Chill Out – Be Healthier!

  1. I still say you should teach us all to knit in a future BB class!!?

  2. Mine is a little less restful. I like to hop on my eliptical and peddle really fast to break into a sweat and get a fast heart rate going all while listening to my favorite music.

    • kimthedietitian

      I can see how that would be good too. When I’m really wound up, I too need to be more vigorous and give the anxiety a swift kick in the pants.

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