Never Eat Sardines at Work

I did this once – only once!  I think I had just read about how much healthy omega-3 fat is in sardines.  Sitting in the lounge area at work, I popped the flip top on the little tin for a mid-day boost of anti-inflammatory action.  No sooner had I allowed the fishy fumes to hit the lunchroom than a co- worker walked in, crinkled his nose, and asked, “Who’s eating fish!!!”

A Wall Street Journal article makes the point for eating sardines in the privacy of my own home.  It seems there is a code of etiquette about such things.  I was unaware.  I like fish and don’t mind the smell – I guess I’m kind of alone on this one!

Apparently the smell of my sardines was so bad that another co-worker made me dig the tin out of the trash.  OK, OK . . . I get it!  I will never do that again.


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