I´m On Vacation . . .

Just a quick post from Costa Brava in Spain.  This is a dream come true for me.  Spain has been at the top of my travel wish list for at least 10 years.  With several years of Spanish classes in high school, and a couple in college, I wanted to have an authentic Spanish experience – including getting out of my language comfort zone. 

I chatted with a server at a local restaurant about the economy and the weather as the local cat “Paca” nudged my leg for a pet.  Being far from fluent, we ordered what I thought was a carafe of wine, which turned out to be wine for 3 to 4 people (not 3-4 glasses). 

Another “experience” taught us that a fish fry in Begur, Spain is not what they serve at the local bars in Milwaukee.  They are batter-fried sardines – a very generous plate full! – with the teeny little eyeballs looking at us.  We politely thanked the waiter, told him we just couldn´t possibly finish it (“Estamos llenos.” We are full.)  He wrapped it for us and we tossed it when we turned the corner.

Last night´s dinner was fantastic – a whole sea bass, caught within hours of our dinner, with a roasted red pepper and potato.  As we ate, we enjoyed the view of the water and the perfect 75 degree sea air.  Even the local dogs look happy!

We head on to the next little town today and more adventures in culture and food.  There is no need for the gym here.  With lots of upward climbs and beautiful hiking trails, I am taking a break from the usual workout environment.  I have all winter for that!


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