Easy Calorie-Cutting Tips – #1

I realized that I use several general strategies to limit calories, even though I never count them.  Here is one of my automatic methods – I do it automatically because I truly prefer to eat this way.  Maybe you do too if you really think about it.

A little steak with mushrooms, simple baked potato, and jazzed up spaghetti squash - Perfect balance!

I really do not want a meal like the traditional Thanksgiving dinner – truthfully not even on Thanksgiving.  Rather than the abundance of cheesy, gooey sides (candied yams, cheesy potato casserole, saucy green beans, stuffing . . . ) in combination with gravy drenched turkey, I would really prefer to have a simple baked potato and steamed green beans with my turkey and gravy.  Potatoes and green beans that pick up a little bit of the loose puddle of gravy have just the right amount of flavor.  A piece of simple pumpkin pie is a nice finale – with a little vanilla ice cream, of course!

In everyday terms, this way of thinking translates into dinners that include simple veggies with lasagna, or more elaborate sides like cheesy broccoli with a simple chicken breast or lean steak.  In my opinion, one rich component of a meal is enough to satisfy the need for “tasty”.

Tonight I’m cooking, and I am practicing what I preach.  The menu:  lean beef tenderloin steaks with plain baked potatoes and Spaghetti Squash with Almonds.  (click the link for the recipe).  Confession:  Since it’s Sunday, and the Packers are winning, I’m also making pumpkin pie!


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