Calorie Cutting Tip #2 – Always have a salad AND a vegetable at dinner.

I hear lots of stories from women about how the men in their lives make healthy eating difficult – the heavy cooking (when they cook at all), the snack foods that must always be around the house, . . . .  I have heard all the complaints.  In fairness to the men out there, I know there are healthy cooks among you.  I have talked to many of you.  I have also seen many men who really do want to eat healthier themselves, and I know there are plenty of men who support the women in their lives when they are trying to make healthy changes.

It probably was not pure coincidence that my husband and I blended lifestyles so easily.  We both place a high value on health and fitness.  In fact, when I met my husband 6 years ago, my generally healthy eating habits actually improved.  This tip comes from him.  I learned early in our relationship that he did not consider dinner to be complete without a protein source, starch, vegetable, AND salad.  Until then, I had considered myself to be on target if I had a salad or a vegetable, but having both at the same meal was optional.

Over the years, I have learned to love this general guideline.  I get to eat so much volume!  I rarely feel like overeating the main dish, no matter how delicious it is.  I simply do not have room!  It also helps that we make salads with little bits of cheese and avocado, or nuts and fruit – just enough to make them truly appealing.

Like any tip that is going to become a lifestyle, this one is easy for me, because it feels so abundant and flavorful.  See how you feel about it.  You may begin to think that eating 8 or 9 servings of fruits and vegetables a day is not so hard after all!

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