Tip #3: Keep frozen vegetables on hand for “emergencies”.

So what exactly qualifies as a nutrition emergency?  OK, maybe “emergency” is too strong a word for it, but if you have fresh produce in your refrigerator that now looks like this,

Yes, this happens to me too! Looks somewhat like a carrot. Is that parsley . . . ?

it is so easy to skip the vegetables if you have no alternative.

People often ask me if frozen or canned vegetables are as healthy as fresh.  The answer is yes, and maybe even healthier if your “fresh” produce has been carted across the country in a truck and then stored for months before reaching your local store.

If you keep a few unseasoned frozen vegetables on hand, there will be a much greater chance that you will actually eat more vegetables, which is a good goal for everyone.  I sound like a broken record, but . . . disease prevention, better digestion, fewer wrinkles (yes, indeed!) . . . choose your motivation.

And as for those fresh veggies sitting in your crisper right now – cook them tonight, so they don’t end up looking my sad example.  😦

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