You think you have trouble with chocolate?!

Stella Recuperating

My husband and I spent 2 hours at the emergency vet last night – in the middle of the Packer game.  Our dog, Stella, caught her foot in the heating grate and tore off her nail at the base (ouch!).  If you have ever spent time at the emergency room with a pet, you too have seen some of the casualties of pet behavior.

Our co-sufferers in the waiting room included a puppy who would not eat, a cat with heart failure, and a dog who came in after eating many, MANY York peppermint patties.

Stella has gotten into chocolate before, and of course she will do it again, given the chance.  Likewise, I’m sure the peppermint patty eater didn’t learn a thing from the experience.   Chocolate can be difficult for people to stop eating too, but at least most of us realize that it tastes much better without the wrappers!  Poor dog.

After a foot bandaging, a shot, and a bill of $225, we were on our way.  I made a mental note to make sure the Christmas candy is kept well out of reach.


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