Finding the Balance

Balance Needed!

I love fashion . . . and I love food.  Where am I going with this?

‘Tis the season for dressing up, and there are lots of examples of tasteful outfits and fashion “mistakes”  at every gathering.  Most fashionistas know the basic guidelines:

1.  Mix heavier fabric textures with lighter ones.

2.  A big accessory, or a looser fitting item, calls for the contrast that a smaller, or more fitted, item creates.

3.  A little glitz is good when paired with other simple items.  Too much is TOO MUCH.

The same is true for healthy eating guidelines.  I always try to balance heavier dishes with lighter ones.  Complex flavors call for simpler accompaniments.  It simply tastes better that way.

This is typically the time of year for over-the-top eating.  Goodbye balance!  Gooey cheesy potatoes and cheesy lasagna served alongside a salad loaded with blue cheese is the culinary equivalent of a rhinestone studded blouse over glitter covered pants with 4-inch hooker heels and huge dangly earrings – just too much!

Paying attention to the balance among items on your plate can be a surprisingly simple way of keeping the pleasure while containing the calories in a meal.  Serve your favorite mac ‘n cheese with a simple piece of fish or chicken and steamed vegetables.  On pizza night, have a big simple salad on the side.

Balance is the simple guiding force behind tasteful fashion and tasty, healthy eating.  A little bit of rich flavor (or glitz, in the case of fashion) keeps life interesting, but there is no need to go over the top.  Holiday time (or while you’re on vacation) is a great time to practice this.  You may be surprised by how effortless it can become.  Why?  Simply because it is so simple!


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