Beware: The shape of your wine glass may deceive you!

My husband came home with new wine glasses earlier this week.  We (OK . . . I) had broken a few lately, so he bought some sturdier ones that can hold up to my somewhat careless dishwashing.

The new ones have a wider bowl than our previous ones, a fact that provided me with an opportunity – love that word! – to revisit the quantity of wine in my glass.

As we sipped our wine with dinner that night, I discovered halfway through the meal that the glass had played a trick on me.  Normally one glass of wine (5 ounces) is my limit.  Less than that is fine.  More is definitely not.  Yes, I am a lightweight, but it keeps me from exceeding the recommendations for healthy alcohol consumption.

I was about 2/3 of the way to the bottom of my glass by the time I discovered that I was feeling a little loopy.  Then it dawned on me – ahh, this is a big glass, and there is more than 5 ounces in there!

No real harm was done, but it was a good reminder.  Pay attention to the size and shape of your wine glass.  It makes a big difference!  Take a look at the difference!

One of Our Old Wine Glasses

One of the New Ones


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