Progress Requires At Least a Little Momentum

The Moral: Knitting projects do not finish themselves.

While cleaning out a closet recently, I came across a knitting project I started . . . let’s see, I was dating my husband, and we were married 4 years ago . . . .  I have not touched it in at least 3 years.  Guess what?  It is still just as unfinished as it was when I last put it away – half of a sweater, with only one sleeve, and I don’t even like it anymore!

As I thought about it, I couldn’t help but think, “This reminds me of how so many people approach dieting.  Go all in (knit or diet like crazy), and then abandon the project altogether.”  It occurred to me that if I had knit even one row a day for all of those years, I would have finished the sweater long ago.

The simple law of physics says it so well:  “A body at rest stays at rest”.  In the case of my sweater, “An unfinished knitting project in the closet stays unfinished in the closet,” and in the case of any kind of behavior change, “A body that does not do anything differently is not likely to look or feel any different.”

Just as my sweater could have been finished by now with just a little momentum, any kind of lifestyle change requires some momentum.  Even thinking in a new way is a good start, because it can be that little push to get the ball rolling.  Baby steps will get you there, probably not as quickly as you would prefer, but you will get there.

What’s the rush anyway.  I don’t know about you, but I look back to a year ago and wonder how 365 days went by so fast.  Where do you want to be at this time next year?  Think about how those baby steps add up over time, and just start the forward motion toward improvement.

In my case, I think it’s time to get supplies for a new knitting project, one that I am excited to finish.  The reward at the end has to be worth the effort, right?  I think I will increase my chances of finishing by taking on a smaller project this time – maybe a scarf.  That should be a good strategy to avoid finding it unfinished in my closet 2 years from now!


2 responses to “Progress Requires At Least a Little Momentum

  1. I have several craft projects that I’ve either started or have planned to do and there they sit in project boxes and on my desk. One of my changes this year is building time into my week for my creative side.

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