Just for Fun

I got this postcard from my daughter, who is in Paris.  On the back, she has written, “Hi Mom.  Looks like one of us has been eating a few too many croissants!”  The look on the poor little one’s face (the one not wearing the smile) suggests that she may have been the first to weigh herself, and the results were not pleasing to her.

The picture made me laugh – hard.   The humor works so well in this case because it is such a human (maybe more female??) attitude toward the scale.  You either love it (smile) or hate it (look ashamed and sad).  The postcard says it all, doesn’t it?

It seems so ridiculous to think of girls this young even understanding what the scale measures, and that makes it funny.  It would probably not hold the same humor value if the females in the picture were older.  That would just look “normal”!  Does it really make any sense to give a mechanical object so much control over your emotions?  I think not.


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