Macacheesa – what?!

Excitement in a Blue Box

Forgive me a small diversion into the area of “cutesy”, but this just made me smile – laugh, actually!  While I was grocery shopping today, I saw the cutest little girl grab her mother by the coat and absolutely shriek with excitement, pointing at a box on the shelf:  “Mama, MACA-CHEESA-RONI!!!!”  Oh, those cute little voices say the cutest things.

Looking back on shopping trips with my own children, I do recall that there is another side of shopping with small children:  “Mommy, Mommy, MOMMMY . . . I WANT THAT!!!”  That part . . . I do not miss!

And, of course, the object of desire is never a vegetable.  Has anyone ever heard a young child beg a parent for a fresh veggie . . . of any kind . . . at the grocery store?!  Have you ever heard an excited little voice cry out, “Mommy, Mommy, . . . “BAY GAHS!”  Or “RUDY BAIGAHS” or anything resembling “rutabaga”.  I think not.


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