Is Your Glass Half Full?

I have the privilege of sharing in the journey of a couple of groups of fantastic people trying to improve their health by changing their lifestyles.  They are intelligent and willing to take a close look at their lives and their attitudes, knowing from past experience that nothing short of that really matters when real change is concerned.
One of my favorites – I feel like my mom here, because ALL of my participants are my favorites, just as my two kids are both my favorite kids! – has just completed a 30-day challenge.  She has made note of at least one positive accomplishment each day for a month.  If it sounds easy, try it!
Even if you are not hard on yourself about your physical condition, most of us (yes, that includes me) are hard on ourselves about something, and the accomplishments are not always recognized.  Focus is too often on what is wrong, not what is right, hence the idea for the challenge.
I was so impressed with her journal, because it not only shows that she is able to recognize the little “wins”, but it also is a very visible record of how much her thinking has really changed over the last 9 months or so we have known each other.  It is with her permission that I am including her journal for the last week of her challenge.  Impressive!
These changes in thought patterns translate into many “punt” calories that are saved when positive thinking prevents the predictable derailing caused by feelings of failure. To read more of her journaling, from this challenge as well as thoughts on other parts of the journey, click her link below.
Link to blog on
Glass Half-Full Challenge (1/24-1/30)
1/24 The scale confuses me yet again this week. Stayed within a calorie range all week to average an approximate deficit of 7000 calories or what should have equated to at least a 2 lb loss. Instead I gained 0.4. I know that’s not significant and most likely the last cup of coffee I had earlier in the day that had not been expelled yet but I was bummed that I didn’t see a loss. For a split second I felt like throwing common sense out the window and driving through Culvers for a turtle sundae. Instead I opted for the mushroom chicken and steamed veggies from Panda Express. I will stick to my plan and continue to tweak as needed. I will not give in to the old me and the old self-sabotaging ways. I will wait for my body to realize that and start to relinquish the excess weight.

1/25 I was tempted today to check the scale again to see if last night’s weigh-in was a fluke. I used to be a compulsive “weigher” and fell prey many times to letting the number affect my attitude, my resolve, and at times my food choices. So instead of getting on the scale hoping for different results, I decided to review my entries for this challenge from the past week and measure my success by all the positive things I’ve accomplished.

1/26 Wow, day 26 and I’m at a loss for words tonight. All in all it was a productive day at work today. Not so much at home tonight though. Caught up on some DVR’d shows while overindulging on Asian salad. Going to read for a while and off to bed a little early. So what’s my positive accomplishment of the day? Salad put me over my calories for the day and I called that an overindulgence. Not sweets or salty or fried foods, but vegetables!

1/27 Went out with friends tonight to celebrate one of their birthdays. We let her choose the restaurant, Mexican, one of my favorite foods. Ended up waiting for over an hour to be seated. Avoided the margaritas but gave into the chips and salsa. I felt strong going in and even had pre-thought about healthier options for ordering, however, after waiting to be seated, served and celebrating with my friends I lost my resolve and ordered what I really liked. Two positive things: 1) I took home or gave away almost 50% of what I was served and didn’t eat it all as I would have in the past; 2) I logged everything I ate in my tracker, including a couple bites of flan, knowing I was going to be well over my daily range. Had a great time with my friends. Tomorrow I will try to stick to the lower end of my calorie range.

1/28 Niece’s basketball game today so no water aerobics this am. Did some aerobizing of my house instead (basically cleaning but sounds more fun this way). Did work up a sweat and got my heart rate up so I’m still counting it as a semi workout.

1/29 Another day with nieces again. Had one overnight, took her and the basketball niece out for breakfast. Was able give the hashbrowns and pancakes that came with my meal to one of my nieces and enjoyed just steak and eggs which were plenty. The two of them went home and a little later my oldest niece (24) came over with her boyfriend to work on a glass etching project. I made a delicious pot of chili for dinner which they really enjoyed. Not an overly productive weekend, however spending time with family is also important, especially the young minds that actually listen and observe what you do. Since mentioning the movie “Super-size me” about the fast food industry, my 12 yr old niece has taken it upon herself to watch the movie and we’ve actually had some in depth conversations about making good food choices. She has made comments on some of my lifestyle changes and has even considered some for herself.

1/30 After an extra busy weekend and just the fact that today is Monday, it was difficult to get going this morning. I stayed in bed until I absolutely had to spring to alertness and then rush to get the dogs out, while scarfing down a Greek yogurt and walnuts, before hurrying to ready myself to get to work on time. I don’t like to start my day that way and many nights I tell myself not to hit the snooze on my alarm in the morning and maybe give myself a little more time to maybe enjoy a hot breakfast, a little inspirational reading before starting my day, or even just a more pleasant commute not racing the clock and traffic. I think this may be a good challenge to endeavor for the next 30 days.

So today is day 30 of my Glass Half-Full Challenge and what was my last accomplishment of this challenge? I made it through the day successfully despite the way it started. I stayed within my calorie range and had a good workout at water aerobics tonight.

This was actually a good way to finish this challenge as it reminded me that no matter how a day starts or a week or month begin, I can still have positive accomplishments every day. It is also a good reminder to look back at the last month and see that I’ve made some good improvements and have had some good accomplishments despite what the scale the says. As you said Kim ~ Small or large, steps forward need to be noticed – or they may disappear!


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