OMG – It’s time for SHAMROCK SHAKES!!

"For a limited time only": perhaps the most alluring part of the ad campaign

Before I saw the first commercial on TV – very cute, by the way . . . an adorable guy is examined by his girlfriend for evidence (“something on your collar?” . . . “You smell like MINT!”), I heard about them from clients.

I was actually pleased to hear about the mental gymnastics one person went through to make the big decision – to have one or not.  “Shamrock shakes!  OOHH – I want one.  I’m going to look it up online.  Hmmm, about 400 calories for a small one . . . is it worth it?  HMMM.  Yes, yes, it really is!!”  That is a responsible choice.  She weighed the benefits against the cost of the choice and decided with confidence.  Then she totally enjoyed it and went on with her day.

What is it about the shamrock shake that makes it so alluring?  Is it the feeling of scarcity – get it now or miss out?  They are only available now, after all!  It reminds me of the Girl Scout cookie cravings lots of people get once a year, even though I think there are other similar options available all year round at the grocery store.  (I wrote a post about that too.)  When you think about it, can’t you have your own shamrock shake year round too?  Just add a couple of drops of mint flavoring to a vanilla shake.  I know . . . it’s just not the same.  I guess shamrock shakes aren’t really my thing, although I will admit that I did think about it for a moment when I saw the TV ad.


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