Obstacles or Path to Success: What do you see?

Is this what you see when you look at your goal?

I read with interest an article about  conquering fear by Martha Beck.  She gives very useful steps for moving through fear to reach a goal, but one of them kept my attention long after I closed up the issue of Oprah Magazine.

“Watch the path, not the obstacles,” she advises.  How wise . . . and how unnatural for most of us!  We spend so much time worrying about all of those #$%^&&# obstacles, and trying to avoid making “mistakes”, that we often lose the necessary focus that keeps forward movement going.

Personally, I have been putting off making another video for this blog.  Why?  I have all kinds of excuses, even though I have made the first of a series of 3 already.  I don’t want to post the first one – which I made about 4 months ago! – until I have the other two ready to go soon after.

Why am I afraid of making the other two?  Obstacles include fear of making a sub-par video, fear of looking silly (I really don’t like watching myself on video), fear of not creating something useful for my readers.  I know what I would say to myself if I were someone else:  “Do it already!  What do you have to lose?”

I know I should be focusing of the goal – creating a more personal connection than written words can accomplish, and causing at least one person to think about their food choices in a healthier and more humane way.  Maybe admitting my fear is my way of moving forward with the project – I think so.  We’ll see . . . if you see a video posted soon. 🙂

What about you?  If you are trying to make lifestyle changes to achieve a healthier weight, are you focusing on the barriers?  Are you only able to see the temptations that challenge your fortitude?   Do you see road blocks in planning, not the opportunities for avoiding them  by focusing on the healthy foods and activities that will give you success?  While it is helpful to be aware of the barriers, looking between them to where you want to go is so important.

We can choose where our focus is directed.  Looking for the space between the obstacles opens up all kinds of possibility!


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