Cure for Obesity Found!!

New studies indicate that eating a raisin a day will make it virtually impossible to gain weight, regardless of what or how much you eat.  This is huge news in the fight against obesity.  Experts are dumbfounded by how this obvious cure took so long to discover.

Apparently adding a small eye of newt to the protocol will allow rapid weight loss, but only when taken while standing on one foot.

Gotcha!  Happy April Fool’s Day.  Sorry, but there is no magic bullet.  Good health is worth a little common sense and effort though.  Enjoy the day, and be kind with your pranks!  (Scroll down to read my legitimate post for today.)

One response to “Cure for Obesity Found!!

  1. OMG! This is hilarious. You’re just checking to see if anyone’s reading- aren’t you! Have to admit, I was hooked for a few seconds – almost took out stock in raisins!!!

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