But what kind of Scottish salmon is it?: a good question to ask

Shetland’s Finest Scottish salmon is farmed, so I was skeptical when I recently saw this fish at a couple of local grocery stores, claiming to be environmentally sustainable, free of pesticides and colorants, and farmed in more humane conditions far from the coastline in heavy currents.

I read the literature and did a little searching online.  So . . . this could well be a very good option for getting all of those healthy omega-3 fats we know salmon has without the down side of the usual farmed variety.  My husband and I have had it a couple of times now – delicious!  less expensive than wild!  healthy! Win, win, win!!

Unless I am missing something, this is definitely a move in the right direction that I hope will set the new standard for salmon farming.  Although it is a bit more expensive than traditionally farmed salmon, it is well worth it, since I cannot even recommend eating the other stuff at all.  We steer clear of it ourselves.

Money speaks, so if enough people buy the good stuff, it should force other fish farmers to follow suit.  Ask for it by name if you don’t see it, and if your fish market is smart, they will start to carry it!

4 responses to “But what kind of Scottish salmon is it?: a good question to ask

  1. Where do you buy it?

    • Hi Elizabeth. I have found it locally at both Sendiks in Brookfield and Grasch on North Avenue. It may be at other Sendiks locations too, so you may want to look. I think Whole Foods probably has it too, come to think of it. Ask for Shetland’s salmon. Maybe they will get it if they don’t already have it – if enough people start to ask!

  2. Have you tried Arctic Char? Every bit as good as fine Salmon and very similar in taste and appearance.

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