“Stupid Old Monday!!”

Lots of people dread Mondays.  There have even been songs written about it.  Some of you may remember the Mamas and the Papas:  “Monday, Monday . . . it’s just that day . . . Monday, Monday . . . sometimes it just turns out that way. . . . ”  Not exactly up-beat!

One of my clients recently told an interesting Monday story, when she realized that she consumed a lot of extra calories on Sundays while dreading Mondays.  In fact, she said that Sundays are not enjoyable because of the big black Monday cloud that hangs over her even on the sunniest of Sundays.

Parents’ attitudes, it seems, do rub off on their children.  In her case, Mom hated Mondays and her signature line was “Stupid old Monday!”  Even her little brother picked up on it at an early age, and whether or not he shared the feeling yet, he was good at repeating the phrase:  “Stooopid old Monday!”

How many of you absolutely hate Mondays?  In the most extreme cases, this may be a sign that something about your workweek needs a change, even if attitude is the only practical change that is possible now.  Resisting anything is a real downer, a classic mood sinker.  It goes back to the basic premise that if we can’t improve a situation, at least we can improve our reaction to it.

This seems to be true for my client.  She actually likes her job, so I think the attitude is more habitual than anything.  And like anything habitual, taking a good square look at it head-on is the best fuel for a change in attitude.

I am working on this myself.  As much as possible, when I sense my resistance to something in the future, I TRY to change what I can or adjust my attitude to it.  Go with the flow, as the saying goes.  It all comes back to the elusive path to happiness – staying in the “now”, enjoying the present without ruining the moment with thoughts of Monday, or anything else that becomes a symbol for resistance to future events.  As I said, I’m TRYing.  That has to be good enough.

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