So tell me . . . Are you feelin’ lucky??

Allen Stone and his band

I was riding home on the train yesterday, after a day trip to Chicago to see my son play with Allen Stone and his band at the Manifest Urban Arts Festival.  I was feeling lucky all day.  Grateful really.  It completely fills my tank to see my kids happy and doing what they love.

AND it’s like the hummus on my rice cakes (or cherry on an ice cream sundae?) to feel so welcome in their world.  Brent’s world happens to be a fast-paced existence on the road, playing bass with a very talented young soul singer from Seattle.

Now and then I can play “groupie mom” and hang out in an environment that is WAY outside of my normal day-to-day life.  And then, at the end of a day like that . . . lucky me!   I can go home and get back to the normal rhythm – enough sleep, a husband who makes me laugh, and a job doing what I love – that’s nice too!

When I feel lucky, I find that I AM lucky.  Or maybe the situations are not so different, but I just see more luck in my day.  Yesterday, the luck just kept flowing.  I walked into an elevator and . . . aha!  a LUCKY penny on the ground!

On the cab ride back to the train station, all of 10 minutes long, I struck up a conversation with the cab driver, and by the end of the short trip we had both benefited from the interaction.  I mentioned what I do, he shared some information about himself and asked for some advice, which I gave him . . . which made us both feel lucky.  Personal connections, even very brief ones, are the ingredients for lucky moments, after all.

Exhausted but peaceful, I settled into my seat on the last train back to Milwaukee feeling lucky to have gotten there on time.  I was feelin’ lucky indeed.  It didn’t even bother me that the train had to stop mid-trip for about 15 minutes to wait for two other trains to pass.  That’s the way it works when you feel lucky – you just don’t notice the small annoyances.

Thinking back on a magazine article I wrote about in a previous post, luck is not all chance.  We create much of our own luck through our attitudes.  “Lucky” people – in other words, those who FEEL lucky – are those who reach out to others.  They smile, they are inviting, and they are open and excited about the unknown adventures of a new day.

It is no wonder that they also are usually more successful at meeting their personal goals.  While there are days when a lucky feeling eludes me, I am old enough to know that all I need to do is open my eyes – and my heart – and before too long, I’ll be feelin’ lucky again.

Behind the scenes, before the show

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