This is a great reminder: Why are you trying to meet your goal? If you don’t even remember, it’s time to redefine and re-energize it.


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  1. This is so timely for me. I’ve been having many “why am I doing this?” conversations in my head lately. It’s not that I’m feeling like I want to stop everything, but I realized it’s NEVER going to be simple and without constant effort. Two years of doing Body Budget and escalating fitness activities . . . It’s still not easy. I started doing it for health reasons – didn’t want the Dr. to put me on statin drugs for high chol. It worked, but that’s not what gets me up at 4:30 am to get to a 6:00 spin class. I love shopping for smaller sized clothing – shallow? But honest! In the end, I really latched onto this when I read it. . . I do it to feel vibrant, energetic, healthy, and kickass!

  2. That’s actually a compelling reason – new clothes that you feel good in! I think most of us are at least somewhat motivated by wanting to look good in our clothes. I will admit this is a motivator for me.

    Another thing that works for me with exercise, when I am struggling to get going, is to use this simple affirmation: “This is the most important half hour (or however long) that I will spend today.” It is always true, because I have so much more to give and I am so much more upbeat for the rest of the day.

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