Don’t end up gaining fat, losing your job, and getting street gunk on you.

What happens when you continually eat dinner in front of the TV, slouched over, watching B movies?

You don’t eat mindfully, which means you are likely to consume more junk in larger quantities . . .

Which means you end up falling asleep in front of the TV as your body magically transforms that junk into pounds and pounds of extra fat and your brain turns to mush from lack of quality programming . . .

And you miss the call from your boss who has a “golden opportunity” for you, but since you missed it, she calls someone else to take on the responsibility . . .

Soon discovering that you are just extra weight (ha!) at work, so you get a pink slip the next day and wander the streets feeling sorry for yourself and not watching where you are going . . .

So a car speeds by, splashing large quantities of street gunk on you . . .

So now  you feel toxic inside and out.

If you don’t want this to happen to you, don’t eat while watching re-runs of Mother, Jugs, and Speed or The Dukes of Hazard.  Get up off your butt, and take a nice meal outside so you can enjoy nourishment from your surroundings as well as your food.  

‘Nuff said!

Ahhh . . . much better!


8 responses to “Don’t end up gaining fat, losing your job, and getting street gunk on you.

  1. Tough love eh? I like it!

    • Yep, especially here in Wisconsin, where we have a limited number of days to eat outside. TV should be banned from May to September – especially bad re-runs! I used to live in CA for a few years (near Pasadena), and it was easy to take the good weather for granted. Thanks for the comment!

      • Wisconsin! I can imagine you guys have to take advantage of the heat when you get it. Oh yes, living in California is fun..however it has been 100+ degrees for the last 2 days where I live (East Bay) and we are sweating like crazy!! First real hot days of the summer.

      • There is no place like Wisconsin in the summer.

  2. Did someone steal your password and submit this blog? It doesn’t have your signature “soft and subtle” style! 🙂 I like it though. . . Succinct (and funny)!

  3. Sometimes a slap is what we need to wake up or get our butts moving! Loved the post.

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