It’s Just a Cake, Kim!

This is what I told myself today – IT’S JUST A CAKE, KIM!

It’s 100 degrees in Milwaukee today, and I decided to bake a cake.  I should have known this was a bad idea, for several reasons, but we have kids in town tonight, and a birthday to celebrate.  The family chocolate cake simply had to be made.

The cake is very delicate and difficult to frost on a cool day.  Today, it was virtually impossible.  The layers crumbled and broke as I removed them from the pans, but I was able to get parts of them aligned.  It looked malformed already as I tried to frost the outside.  What a mistake to even try that!  I should have quit while I still had something that looked like a cake.

Several silent outbursts later – @#$%^&* – I gave up.  I know it will taste good, delicious in fact, but part of me wanted to toss it and tell everyone that I decided not to make it.  Here it is . . . the world’s ugliest cake!  But it really is only a cake. Life is good.   🙂

9 responses to “It’s Just a Cake, Kim!

  1. As long as it tastes good… I tried to bake a German Chocolate Cake at high altitude and it kept collapsing (2 tins of cupcakes, and then finally the cake). The cake didn’t make it to the party because it was so ugly, but it did make it to our stomachs!

  2. As long as it takes good (which I’m sure it does given all that delicious chocolate), doesn’t matter if it doesn’t look perfect! I made a sponge cake once that tasted like a brick of butter and uncooked flour, it went straight in the garbage. 😦

  3. Mmm cake, I could always bake cake..the sweating is worth it.

  4. If you didn’t have the picture, I would’ve assumed you were being a bit of a perfectionist. . .but, no – that IS one butt ugly cake!! I’m glad it tasted good – and that your peeps trusted you enough to eat it.

  5. Haha, yes it is one butt ugly cake. I am trying to celebrate my imperfections (many!) these days. This reminds me of a story my husband told me once . . .

    He worked at a pharmacy as a teenager, and part of the job involved wrapping gifts. After creating a “butt ugly” wrapping job for someone, the guy looked at him – stunned – and said, “You know, I have to give this to someone!!” Poor Peter. Now I understand why he always uses gift bags!

    The cake may have been ugly, but it was probably the best-tasting one I have ever baked. Don’t think I will do that on a day over 100 degrees again though – way too frustrating.

  6. Kim – I think you should bake a cake for BB on Sat!!!! 🙂

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