For All Of You Cute Little Tomatoes (and the bigger ones too)

Narrow standards of beauty are so limiting.  I rarely meet a woman who loves how she looks, and when I do – again, RARELY – it is unpredictable.  She is as likely to weigh 225 as 125.  On the flip side, the level of suffering with body image has nothing to with size either, at least not from my observations.

I like to remind people that they can choose a lifestyle, not a body type, and often not a specific size either.  A healthier lifestyle will cause almost everyone to lose weight and look better if weight loss makes them healthier.  Aiming for a size, or a weight, or a look, is a futile struggle if the methods needed to get there are torturous and temporary.

Nature is diverse.  Check out these two lovely tomatoes I just picked from our garden.

Neither one could have turned out the size of a cherry tomato – as I could never spend enough hours on a Medieval stretching device to allow me to compete as a professional basketball player.  Don’t you just love the Jimmy Durante beak on on the left-hand one?  Talk about character!

I even feel the desperation from petite little women occasionally.  The challenge for me is to help them see what is so obvious – that they cannot maintain their lower dream weight if the only way to get there is by starving.  At a time when weight loss is possible and healthy for so many Americans, it is heartbreaking to witness this kind of struggle going on for women for whom weight loss is not a health issue.

For those who can lose and be healthy – and I realize that includes many – there will still be limits, both physical and emotional, to what can be accomplished without regaining.

We are all different.  Stop comparing yourself to others.  Trust me – the woman (or man) you think has the perfect body may be privately feeling inadequate too.  That cute little tomato may not be as happy as you think.  Here’s to finding the healthiest lifestyle you can . . . and trusting your body to follow.

2 responses to “For All Of You Cute Little Tomatoes (and the bigger ones too)

  1. Bravo! Self confidence and a positive body image make for VERY attractive people. Who among us hasn’t known someone who was significantly overweight, yet presented with such pride and confidence that all you saw was the attractive person? We all need to discover our inner beauty, love ourselves enough to stay or get healthy and stop trying to be something we can’t be.

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