Success! . . . and Happy Birthday, Peter!

Today is a big birthday for my husband Peter, so I baked his favorite cake.  This time, it didn’t fall apart.

My story about the last time is that it was over 100 degrees and very humid.  It just fell apart.

As always, there is a lesson in this experience.  I remember how I felt trying desperately to keep the layers of my last cake from slumping en masse (and in a mess) like an eroding coastline collapsing in one big pile of dirt.  After a panicky effort to salvage it, to “glue” it all together with icing, it felt like the wheels came off the bus and I just wanted to throw my hands up and yell – very loudly – “SCREW IT!!”

I ended up making a joke of it, and it actually was delicious, but it was one very ugly cake.  Check out the picture if you don’t believe me.

Many people feel like this from time to time with eating.  Sometimes it’s as if things start to spin out of control until the center is lost and everything seems to fall apart in an instant.  This is not a good feeling!  I think it is truly what everyone wants to eliminate, even more than they want to get rid of the weight.

Sometimes this will just happen, even if you plan for it not to happen.  But it is still very smart to try to keep your center – a realistic plan with supportive habits – as much as possible, because crazy nutty plans are more likely to cause more out-of-control moments.  I, for instance, have learned that I will never again attempt to bake such a delicate cake on a hot, humid day.


4 responses to “Success! . . . and Happy Birthday, Peter!

  1. This sounds so familiar. I baked ‘weird’ looking cakes before and they were pretty good tasting. But this one also looks delicious.

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