You’ve Got To Be Kidding Me!

On my recent trip to California, I picked up a guilty pleasure, Lucky Magazine, to help pass the 4-1/2 hours in the air.  It’s fun to see what is new in fall fashion, not to mention how it helps me avoid pairing the wrong shoes with my outfit – serious stuff!  Anyway, there is not much I need to add to this.  Take a look and tell me how it hits you.  My jaw dropped.

I talk a lot about how food fills a void for many people.  Alcohol is a void-filler for others.  Here is an in-your-face example of another method of filling the void – shopping.  It made me feel sad to see this, because I know this is one more symptom of all the voids so many of us feel in our modern stressed-out world.

“Fill the Void” stickers were even provided on the preceding page of the magazine to help the reader identify specific ways (ie THINGS) to fill their personal void.  If only it were so easy.  Did you catch the price tag on those little “void-filling” shoes?  $990!!  That sounds like a void creation to me – a big hole in the bank account!


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