Halfsies at Restaurants Makes Sense

It appears that information on restaurant menus is not causing large decreases in calorie intake for those who eat out.  But there is a social initiative called Halfsies that might make a difference to those who can stand to lose a few, as well as for those who don’t have enough food.  An article in Forbes describes how Halfsies is partnering with restaurants to offer half as much food for the same price as a full serving.

WHAT?!  Why would anyone want to pay full price for half as much?

The answer is twofold.  Many people find it easier to control portions when they are not faced with overabundance – and the temptation that goes along with it.  Restaurant savings then go to charities for the hungry.  Sounds like a win-win proposition.  I think it’s a great idea.

What do you think?  Would you gladly pay full price for half as much if you knew it would help you, while at the same time helping to feed the hungry?


2 responses to “Halfsies at Restaurants Makes Sense

  1. I think it’s a nice option. I’ve known a few people with small appetites who find big portions unappealing. I would be willing – eating out is problem prone for me. I want to eat the food on my plate – all of it.

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