Know What You Know!

Common Sense – So Rare, It’s Kinda Like a Superpower . . .  (

Remember the Ninja Turtles? This kinda goes with the super powers theme, and it is getting close to Halloween. Good excuse to pull out an oldie but goodie – 1989

I often remind people to consider common sense.  Why?  Simply because there is so much focus on what is the “right” thing to do as defined by the internet, TV, “experts” and research.

Carbs are good . . . no, wait . . . carbs are bad . . . no, it looks like it depends on what it is . . . no, . . .

Talk about confusion!  And that’s just the biological side of eating.  What about the human side?  That’s even more individual.  Information is good, when it is accurate.  With nutrition research, accuracy is not always absolute.  With so many different genetically different people in the world, there are bound to always be individual differences.

Please pay attention to up-to-date information, but please don’t forget to pay attention to your own body and how it responds to different types of food.  Maybe even more importantly, I believe we all do better when we observe how our eating and our lives interact.

How do you meet your emotional needs?  Do you have an emotional repertoire that includes other soothers besides ice cream with hot fudge sauce?  Do you notice that when you eliminate all pleasure from food in the interests of optimum nutrition, you eat more junk than ever before?

Common  sense will lead most people to moderation in most things.  Food is no exception.  You are the “expert of you”, the PhD of your needs.  When you put all of the information together, you are the only one who can figure out the best way to use it.  Stay healthy!


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