Another “Off” Message

They did it again!  Lucky Magazine, that is.  It shouldn’t have caught me off guard – I noticed a similar ad last time I picked one up – but sitting under the dryer at the salon this morning, I did not expect it.

My accessories are the only things that fit.  Fill the void.

My thoughts about this one are the same as last time, when the message was even bolder . . . check it out.  Apparently this is a regular theme now (“Fill the void”).  I don’t wonder why.  It certainly caught my attention.


2 responses to “Another “Off” Message

  1. Sadly, I do think the act of purchasing something makes me feel better when I’m down. But I don’t engage in it too often because I’m very watchful of my money. The fashion industry just feeds on our discontent and longing for something new and shiny to make us happy, something they usually mark up like 500% or more!

    • I know what you mean. Shopping can fill a void . . . and cause a void in your wallet! Seems fun at the time, but if we don’t need what we buy, or have buyer’s remorse – I hate that! – it’s not so great later. Thanks for your comment!

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